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Multi-agency investigation results in significant heroin seizure, four arrests

Portland, Oregon – Federal authorities achieved a significant victory in the fight against drug trafficking last month in Tigard, Oregon, marking a pivotal moment in an ongoing battle against narcotics distribution. In a coordinated operation, law enforcement officials seized 370 gallons of liquid heroin and apprehended four individuals on charges related to drug trafficking. This operation underscores the relentless efforts of federal agencies to curb the flow of illegal drugs into the United States.

The suspects, believed to be connected to a Mexico-based transnational criminal organization, faced federal charges, including conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute heroin. Among those charged were three residents of Yakima, Washington: 44-year-old Marco Antonio Magallon, 26-year-old Luis Deleon Woodward, and 25-year-old Jorge Luis Amador. A fourth individual, 32-year-old Santos Alisael Aguilar Maya, whose residence remains unknown, was also implicated in the case.

The arrests and seizures were the culmination of an extensive multi-agency drug trafficking investigation. Law enforcement had gathered intelligence on significant drug shipments heading into Oregon, leading to surveillance operations that tracked a moving truck and a red pickup. These vehicles, linked to the suspects, were observed traveling from Bonneville to Beaverton, eventually converging at a motel in Tigard in the late hours of January 24 into the early morning of January 25.

Upon executing a federal search warrant at the motel, officers discovered eight 55-gallon barrels inside the moving truck, which, upon further examination, were found to contain liquid heroin. The total weight of the narcotics was estimated at approximately 1.4 metric tons, showcasing the vast scale of the drug trafficking operation. Additionally, two loaded handguns were seized from the hotel room, adding a dangerous element to the already illegal activity.

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