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Oregon wants to make the Pacific Standard Time permanent along with California, Washington and Idaho

Oregon – Several states in the Pacific Northwest, including California, Oregon, and Washington, are working together on a plan called “ditching the switch.” They want to stop changing clocks for daylight saving time and keep the Pacific Standard Time all year round.

A news announcement explained that these states are trying to pass laws to make this change permanent. Mike Padden, a senator from Spokane Valley, Washington, explained that most people don’t like changing their clocks twice a year. He mentioned that studies have shown health risks like more heart attacks and workplace accidents because of switching times. His idea is to keep Washington on standard time always.

Senator Mike Padden from Washington has already presented his bill and it got a public hearing in a Senate committee on Tuesday.

In Oregon, Senator Kim Thatcher is going to propose a similar bill at the start of their legislative session on February 4th.

Over in California, assemblyman Tri Ta is pushing for the end of daylight savings and is waiting for his bill to be reviewed by a committee.

Meanwhile, Idaho’s Representative Joe Alfieri is also part of this team and is working to get the bill moving in Idaho.

“In Idaho, our standard time bill has been drafted as RS30948 and will move to the House State Affairs Committee within the next ten days, where we are confident of its passage,” said Idaho state Representative Joe Alfieri of Coeur d’Alene.”

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