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New millionaire in Oregon: Milwaukie retiree wins $8.4 million on lottery ticket

Oregon – David Schultze, a 68-year-old retiree from Milwaukie, has hit the jackpot by winning Oregon’s Game Megabucks, securing a ticket valued at $8.4 million. This unexpected turn of events came to light last Friday morning when Schultze decided to check his ticket, only to realize he had been holding onto millions since the numbers were drawn on January 24, 2024. By Monday, he had officially claimed his prize at the Oregon Lottery’s Wilsonville office.

Despite not being a frequent player, Schultze admits to being drawn to the game whenever the jackpot reaches enticing heights, saying, “getting up there,” compels him to purchase a ticket “just in case.” His winning ticket was bought at a Safeway store in Gladstone, which subsequently received an $84,000 bonus for its sale.

When asked about his intentions for the winnings, Schultze expressed a desire to invest the majority of his winnings, with no immediate plans for extravagant spending. This cautious approach aligns with the advice from the Oregon Lottery, which encourages winners to sign their tickets to secure their prizes and to consult with financial experts to wisely manage their newfound wealth. Winners are given a year to claim their prizes.

The Oregon Game Megabucks is renowned for offering favorable odds for landing major jackpot prizes, resetting to $1 million after each win. Since its inception on April 25, 1985, the Oregon Lottery has contributed more than $15.5 billion towards the state’s economic development, education, state parks, veterans’ services, and environmental projects. For more details, visit www.oregonlottery.org.

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