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Geothermal projects in Oregon, California, and Utah receive $60 million boost from Biden administration

The Biden administration has announced a significant investment of $60 million into three pilot projects focused on geothermal energy as part of its efforts to promote renewable energy sources. This initiative, revealed on Tuesday, seeks to explore the viability and effectiveness of geothermal energy derived from man-made reservoirs on a large scale.

Geothermal energy, which harnesses the earth’s internal heat trapped in underground hot water reservoirs, offers a carbon-free solution to energy production without emitting greenhouse gases. This renewable energy source not only has the potential to generate electricity but can also provide heating for buildings, marking a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions.

The funding for these projects comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, underscoring the government’s commitment to advancing green energy technologies. The projects slated to receive this federal support are located across the United States: a Chevron New Energies project in California, a Fervo Energy project in Utah, and a Mazama Energy project in Oregon.

An analysis by the Energy Department last year highlighted the vast potential of geothermal energy, estimating that the U.S. could integrate enough of this green energy into the grid to power 65 million homes by 2050.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm emphasized the importance of these projects in expanding geothermal power to regions of the country previously untapped for this resource. She stressed that the successful implementation of these pilot projects could play a crucial role in harnessing the earth’s heat to significantly reduce carbon emissions, create domestic jobs, and provide clean, cost-effective, and reliable energy.

Lavinia Beaumont


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