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Klamath County receives funding to fight crop-damaging pests through new grant program

Klamath Falls, Oregon – The Oregon Legislature has taken decisive action in response to outbreaks of grasshoppers and Mormon crickets, which have been causing widespread damage to crops and rangelands.

Recognizing the threat these pests pose to agriculture and ecosystem health, the legislature has approved a vital financial assistance program under SB 5701, Section 408 (2024) and Temporary Administrative Order. This initiative aims to support pest management efforts that protect agricultural livelihoods and maintain the balance of natural habitats.

Critical Support for Klamath County

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has awarded Klamath County $100,000 specifically to address these infestations. To effectively manage and distribute this funding, Klamath County is establishing a new grant program. The program is designed to support local farmers and ranchers who are directly impacted by these destructive pests.

To ensure fair and effective allocation of the funds, a grant committee will be formed. This committee will play a pivotal role in reviewing all applications for financial aid. It will include a diverse group of stakeholders, such as representatives from the Klamath Irrigation District, Klamath Drainage District, Van Brimmer Ditch Co., and two at-large citizens. Their collective expertise and understanding of local agricultural challenges will guide them in making informed recommendations to the Board of Commissioners.

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Call for Committee Members

Klamath County is currently seeking individuals interested in contributing to this crucial effort by serving on the grant committee. Those looking to make a significant impact in their community are encouraged to apply.

Applications are open until May 21, 2024, by 5 pm. This is a unique opportunity to help shape the strategies used to combat these pest outbreaks and to safeguard the agricultural and ecological well-being of the region.

For anyone interested in applying or seeking more information about the grant program and the application process, please visit the Klamath County official website or contact the local Department of Agriculture office.

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