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Klamath Falls Police Department maintains accredited status under Chief Rob Dentinger

Klamath Falls, Oregon – Under the effective leadership of Chief Rob Dentinger, the Klamath Falls Police Department has once again been recognized for its exemplary standards in law enforcement, securing a successful reaccreditation from the Northwest Accreditation Alliance (formerly known as the Oregon Accreditation Alliance). This accolade highlights the department’s ongoing commitment to excellence and improvement in its operations and services.

A Tradition of Excellence

The journey towards maintaining high standards began under the leadership of former Police Chief Dave Henslee and former Accreditation Manager/Police Captain Ryan Brosterhous. It was during their tenure in 2017 that the Klamath Falls Police Department first achieved its status as an accredited agency with the Oregon Accreditation Alliance. This initial accreditation laid the foundation for the department’s continuous commitment to enhancing law enforcement services through effective accountability, management, and operations.

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Upholding High Standards

The law enforcement accreditation system is crucial as it establishes a consistent set of “Best Practices” that are recognized internationally. These practices are measurable and verified by an independent body to ensure compliance. Additionally, they foster accountability not only to the community and elected policymakers but also to the officers who implement these practices daily. Among these standards are stringent compliance requirements that address critical areas such as life, health, safety, and high liability exposures.

This reaccreditation serves as a testament to the Klamath Falls Police Department’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of law enforcement, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of the community it serves.

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