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Scam alert in Klamath County

Klamath County, Oregon – Scammers are calling thousands of people per day, pretending to be someone from the Klamath County Assessor’s Office.

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Klamath County residents beware; you might be the target of a new scam call as thousands of calls are made every day. According to Klamath County, scammers pretend to be someone from the Klamath County Assessor’s Office.

In a news release, Klamath County confirmed that the Klamath County Assessor’s Office phone number has been “spoofed” since late December 2023. This is the release in full:

The Klamath County Assessor’s Office has had their phone number “spoofed” since late December 2023. It is estimated that hundreds to thousands of calls per day are being made by unknown persons from what appears to be the Assessor’s Office. The spoofed calls usually are received during the noon hour and at mid-afternoon.

When a call is answered, a variety of strange questions are being asked by the caller. The questions range from what the person’s pet’s name is to what type of vacuum cleaner they use. This leaves many people confused and susceptible to answering questions regarding personal information that could be used for fraudulent purposes.

Please be aware of these scam callers and protect your personal information.

If you see that you missed a call from 541-883-5111 and there is no message, it was not from the Assessor’s Office and it can be ignored. The Klamath County Assessor’s Office will leave a message if they are the actual caller.

There is no need to call the Assessor’s Office to report this as they are already aware and working on the issue.

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