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Vaccination deadline for Oregon students approaches, updated immunization records or exemption required to keep kids enrolled

Oregon – Oregon laws mandate immunizations for children attending public and private educational institutions, including preschools, childcare centers, and Head Start programs. This requirement aims to ensure the health and safety of children by protecting them against serious diseases.

Vaccination Deadline Approaches

As the deadline looms, Oregon families are reminded of the need for children to be current with their vaccinations. The Oregon Health Authority has set February 21 as the deadline for students to update their vaccine records to continue their education without interruption. Non-compliance with this mandate will lead to students being excluded from school starting on the specified exclusion date.

This policy encompasses nearly all child care settings outside the home, making immunization or securing a vaccine exemption crucial for continued enrollment. The primary goal behind this stringent requirement is to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all children, free from the threat of preventable diseases.

Exemption Options and Resources

Tanya Phillips of Jackson County Public Health emphasizes the availability of options for families unable to meet the vaccination deadline. Oregon allows for non-medical exemptions, which parents and guardians can obtain by completing a training module provided by the Oregon Health Authority. This flexibility acknowledges the diverse perspectives on vaccination while still prioritizing public health.

It’s important to note that, at this time, the COVID-19 vaccination is not part of the required immunizations for school attendance. However, families are encouraged to keep their children’s vaccinations up to date to prevent the spread of other communicable diseases.

Jackson County Public Health offers vaccinations by appointment or walk-in at their Medford office for families seeking to update their children’s immunization records. For additional information on immunization requirements and services, families can visit the Jackson County Public Health website.

The adherence to immunization requirements underscores Oregon’s commitment to safeguarding the health of its youngest residents, ensuring they are protected against diseases that vaccinations can prevent.

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