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Gas prices in Klamath Falls average $3.48 per gallon

Klamath Falls, Oregon – The national average for a gallon of regular-grade gas stands at $3.148 as of Monday, marking a slight increase from last week’s $3.107, as reported by AAA. This trend of fluctuation is also evident at the state level and in local communities such as Klamath Falls.

In Oregon, the average cost for a gallon of gas was approximately $3.603 on Monday, showing a minor decrease from the previous week’s average of $3.619. Specifically, in Klamath Falls, drivers saw an average price of $3.48 for a gallon.

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Gas Prices Across Local Stations in Klamath Falls

For those in Klamath Falls, the range of gas prices at local stations varies significantly, from as low as $3.29 to as high as $3.75, according to GasBuddy. Here’s a brief overview of some stations:

  • AMA, 522 S 6th St, and several others offer the lowest regular gas price at $3.29.
  • Pilot station, at 3817 US-97N, lists prices across all grades, including diesel, with regular at $3.29 and diesel at $4.19.
  • Chevron stations show the highest prices for regular gas, reaching up to $3.75, with diesel prices at some locations going up to $4.33.

It’s crucial for drivers to note that gas prices are subject to change and can vary even within short distances. Always checking the latest prices before filling up can help in making cost-effective decisions.

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