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Klamath Falls Mayor Carol Westfall invites students to enter “If I Were Mayor” contest

Klamath Falls, Oregon – Klamath Falls Mayor, Carol Westfall, is calling on local students to express their creativity in civic leadership through the “If I Were Mayor” contest. This unique opportunity allows students from different age groups to express their ideas and visions for the city in various formats, including posters, essays, and digital media. For detailed information on submission guidelines and age-specific requirements, participants are encouraged to visit the city’s website or follow the provided link.

How to Participate

Entries for the contest need to be submitted digitally to the City of Klamath Falls at [email protected] by 10 a.m. on March 29, 2024. This initiative not only encourages students to engage in local governance but also offers them a chance to think critically about the roles and responsibilities of a mayor.

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The Selection Committee of Klamath Falls will review all submissions and select local winners for each category. These winners will not only have the privilege of having lunch with Mayor Carol Westfall but will also receive a cash prize for their contributions. Furthermore, the local champions will advance to the state-level competition, organized by the League of Oregon Cities. State winners will be honored with cash prizes and recognition at the prestigious Oregon Mayors Conference, set to take place at the Running Y Ranch in July 2024.

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For those interested in entering the contest or seeking more information, including contest rules and the entry form, visit the official contest page at https://www.oregonmayors.org/special-programs/page/student-contest and access the student contest flyer and fillable entry form.

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