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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife invites applications for wild fish advocate role on OHRC Board

Oregon – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is currently on the lookout for a new member to represent wild fish advocates on the Oregon Hatchery Research Center (OHRC) Board, presenting a unique chance for involvement in pivotal fisheries science.

A Unique Role in Fisheries Science

The OHRC, a collaboration between ODFW and Oregon State University, is dedicated to becoming a globally recognized leader in fisheries science. Its mission focuses on understanding the distinctions between hatchery-bred and wild salmonids, suggesting methods to manage these differences, and informing the public about hatchery roles in supporting fisheries and conservation efforts.

The board plays a vital role in guiding the OHRC Director on matters related to operations, budgeting, and setting research priorities. Among the board’s 12 members are advocates for wild fish, reflecting a broad spectrum of interests and perspectives. The specifics of the board’s duties are outlined in HB 3441, details of which can be accessed on the OHRC website.

In its quest to form a representative and diverse board, ODFW emphasizes the inclusion of members from various age groups, racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds. Ideal candidates should possess the ability to bring diverse perspectives to the board’s discussions and decisions, demonstrating a commitment to both hatchery fish propagation research and the conservation of wild fish populations.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by the March 15 deadline, with the application process requiring the submission of three references. The application form can be found on the ODFW website. This call is open to Oregon residents, with the appointed member set to serve a four-year term under the selection of the ODFW Director.

For additional details or to apply, potential candidates can reach out to Shaun Clements at [email protected] or visit the OHRC website.

Orion Hargrove


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