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Klamath County Museum seeks community’s contribution for an upcoming Bootleg Fire exhibit

Klamath Falls, Oregon – The Klamath County Museum is starting a project to put together a new exhibit dedicated to the Bootleg Fire of 2021, a significant event in our local history. This exhibit aims not only to educate but also to preserve the memories of the community’s experiences during the fire. For this purpose, the museum is calling on all amateur and professional photographers who captured the event to contribute to a special collage.

The museum is particularly interested in photographs that vividly depict the Bootleg Fire. Whether it’s an image of the towering smoke columns that marked the sky, the intense flames, or the hardworking fire crews and support staff battling the blaze, your photos can help tell the story of this event in a powerful and visual way. However, to maintain the quality and focus of the exhibit, the museum has set specific guidelines for submissions.

Photos must primarily feature the Bootleg Fire, ensuring the event remains the focal point of the image. The museum emphasizes the importance of photo quality, as these images may be enlarged for display. To keep the focus on the event itself, selfies are not considered suitable for submission. Due to space limitations within the collage, not all photos submitted can be included in the exhibit, and contributors are asked to limit their submissions to a maximum of three photos.

Contributors should send their photos to [email protected], including their name and town, for proper photo credit. It’s important to note that by submitting a photo, you’re granting the museum permission to use it in the exhibit. Additionally, these photos might join the museum’s photo collection for future public use. If you prefer your photos not to be included in the museum’s collection beyond the exhibit, make sure to mention this in your submission email.

This collaborative effort is a unique opportunity for the community to come together and share their perspectives on a significant natural event. The Bootleg Fire, with its impact on the environment and local lives, is a story of resilience, response, and recovery. Through your photographs, the museum hopes to create a compelling display that honors the experiences of those affected and the efforts of those who responded to the crisis.

Your contributions will not only enhance the upcoming exhibit but will also ensure that the story of the Bootleg Fire is remembered and preserved for future generations.

Gideon Fairchild


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