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Eugene’s only hospital closes doors, Governor Kotek responds to healthcare crisis

Eugene, Oregon – Oregon’s Governor, Tina Kotek, is keeping a close eye on the shutdown of PeaceHealth University District, Eugene’s sole hospital.

The hospital’s administration reported that the Eugene branch was losing roughly $2 million every month and wasn’t being fully used.

The emergency department of the University District ceased operations on December 1st, and its inpatient rehabilitation section closed down last Friday.

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Kotek, along with other government officials, has expressed disapproval of the decision to close the hospital. She is also dealing with similar issues in Baker County, where the local maternity ward was recently closed.

“This is part of a larger national trend,” Kotek said.

“The Oregon Health Authority is going to be keeping an eye on making sure that Eugene Springfield has the hospital services that they need. And no one is off the hook here. Yes, there are workforce issues, yes, there are financing issues and you are a hospital that is providing a public good, and you need to make sure you are providing a certain level of care.”

Governor Kotek mentioned that her team has fast-tracked licenses to keep mental health services running in the downtown area.

She also noted that they are discussing with hospital executives to make sure the community continues to receive healthcare.

During her visit to Eugene on Thursday, which was the last leg of her tour across the state, the governor addressed these issues.

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